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Date:2017-02-12 21:37

I'm back......more or less.......sort of...

we'll see....maybe.

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Date:2008-02-01 09:27
Mood: grateful

Exactly four years ago,  Feb. 1, 2004,  I was in coma.  They did not know how long it would last and what my mental condition would be if I emerged from it.  Well I did eventually emerge and was pretty scrambled but here I am after a long road of recovery. 

After about four years exactly of beginning to come out of the coma I will be flying to MI. for training as a field interviewer for the Institute of Social Research of the U of M.  A real job if you will. 

I have a wonderful wife who is an amazing creative beautiful person who loves me.

We have a cute puppy (Eko) who is mostly a good dog and not too crazy/destructive.

Often I sit back and I think......about how good I have it, how random and amazing life can be.  Even one year ago none of this was on the visible horizon for me.

We tend to drive ourselves crazy with the what ifs, the should/would/could, etc......none of that matters.   None of it.  All that matters is what IS.  That is not to say that one should not try and encourage things to happen in certain ways but one should not base their happiness with it all on things that are mostly out of your control.  True; it can often be better, but it can always be worse. 

Pinch yourself and be amazed that you are able to even do and feel that much.

Quit bitching and start living!

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Date:2008-02-01 08:44
Subject:Beatiful morning
Mood:getting caffeinated

Living in the South and global climate change can occasionally come together to make niceness in the environment........at least for the occasional morning.  It is the middle of winter with the sky a yellow gold warming into blue with fluffy white clouds sunrise and 72 degrees!

Now that is a beautiful thing...until it becomes August and the temperature might get down to that point (72) in the middle of the night with the humidity down to 90%.  I really hate the summer months here.  Well I suppose it is either debilitating cold in the North in the winter months or stultifying molasses heat in the South in the Summer.  I haven't had to be slapped by the winter frigidity on the Northern climes in many a year.  I suppose that part of me has become a Southern boy.  Well that will be tested in a couple of weeks when I am up in Michigan  for job training,  There I will be subjected to daytime highs of just above freezing....I can't wait.

Soon I will be going to work at the book store.   Then I will come home and spend more time with myanti_cloud, which is always good.  Last night we just curled up with some pizza and Guinness and watched Lost.  Damn the entertaining amusement of that electronic moving picture box! Oh how it amuses me.

Now I will go toast a yummy bagel and suck down more bean squeezings and ponder my musings.......or muse my ponderings...or squeeze my brain droppings.....or ......yeah.

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Date:2008-01-16 09:04
Subject:Random morning thought
Mood: amused

Bus Station Mustache

What is it? Why is it? Is it funny or is is scary? Randomness that cropped up from watching a Lenny Kravitz video and sitting while drinikng coffee.

It is representative of someone dirty or creepy or just plain icky. Think amongst yourselves.




I feel creepy now.

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Date:2008-01-13 16:21
Subject:Day of not much

It has been a day of not much and delightful slacking for anti_cloud and the Zenkrak. Well we did venture forth this morning for the tasty artery clogging yumminess of Bojangles...pronounced " bo-hang-glace" in Mexican-semi-American English. Since my computer had decided that it would not allow me to connect to the network known as "Zenkrakistan" I have not been able to post my random wonderful musings that I wanted to last night and today. I don't remember what they were but they were good dammit.....I swear. Luckily the wonderful anti_cloud is infinitely patient with the network retarded Zenkrak and was able to remedy the situation with some mental elbow grease.

Now that I can finally sit back down and type this I have nothing to say.

Maybe I'll think of something in the future

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Date:2008-01-09 09:45
Subject:Morning Musings
Mood: hungry

It is good to get back into the whole LJ thing. I had forgotten how much that I really enjoyed this. I have been talking about simplifying and slowing things down now for a few years and I really need to do that....or continue doing that I suppose. I feel that things are going on a very comfortable path in my life right now. And I can jump all over the map in one journal entry in the first paragraph.


I am quite glad that I haven't lost my ability to jump around stylistically, subjectively, and gramatically in my misanthropic musings, mind oozings.....brain droppings. Ah yes...brian droppings, that is still my favorite. For you my LJ friends it is nothing but the best! The brain poop that falls from the bruised brain of the Zenkrak! Even with his shaken and not stirred brain he still manages to out-think and out-smart many of those about in the world around him. He also likes to type about himself in the third person because often times he feels as if he is watching his life and reporting on it. If not a reporter perhaps more of an author that is toying with his main character just to see what will happen.

So none of this is really real....right? It all just is and isn't at the same time. I am you, you are him, he is that, and that is us.

I have read too much Taoism, Zen Buddhism and enough of about the basic physics of the natural world and universe....or is it not enough. Toss on top of that hundreds of books that were mostly fiction which talk about the nature and struggles and musings of that fabuluous naked ape that calls itself human. But what is human? Like all of the other labels that we use, it is just a word at its most basic level. In our system of naming things it would refer to the bipedal hairless primate that communicates through an audible code that is understod by another hairless ape...hopefully. The trouble begins when non-physical attributes are assigned to something that is a tangible item in this world. When something is referred to as human, that is not to say it is referring to its "humaness". Humaness-what a fucked up idea. We use it usually to say that something/one is good or kind. But when one looks at humanity in general saying something is the human thing to do is actually not good. The human animal is a violent, petty, short sighted and greedy. It also can be generous, kind, caring, brave....humane.

Now i'll get off of my flying mental chariot and finish cooking breakfast. Everything bagel/egg sammiches!! Yummy goodness!!

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Date:2008-01-07 17:38
Subject:The Zenkrak Household

The bride of Zenkrak has emerged in the land of live journal!

Let the blogging and amusement begin!....or commence!..... or what have you.


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Date:2008-01-07 08:13
Subject:Time flies it does

Well a milestone has passed without incident....more or less.

Exactly four years ago, in 2004 for the math dummies, at this point I was in a coma which would continue for about six weeks. Damn Maryland teenagers in their SUVs and their habit of T-boning Zenkrak's car in the driver side door.. Now four years later after the hospital put me back together and helped put me back on my feet, literally, here I am. They didn't know if I was going to be able to walk, talk, feed myself, or most anything that we all take for granted in our daily lives.

So four years later how was my day? I woke up in the morning to my beautiful wife and our puppy nudging me to let him out. Then I heard the scampering of my step-daughter coming to make sure we were awake. She comes to stay the night at our house with us at times. So we got up and had morning coffee and made tasty bagels. Then I drove us to Hardees for some more breakfast yumminess. Then in the afternoon I went to work at the bookstore until about 10:30 (past my normal old-man bedtime).

Now here I am drinking my morning coffee and typing this. Later There are no plans for this day off from work. There will be much playing about online and maybe some reading. The is the possibility of a nice walk with the dog and misc. poking about, who knows. The whole point is that I am here and can actually do these things and I can enjoy them with the one that I love.

P.S. Send warm thoughts and positive healing energy and such toward my uncle in Maryland who was hit yesterday while on a bike ride. He is OK...sort of. From what i have been told it broke his arm/shoulder badly.
What a way to mark the anniversary of my near fatal accident in the same state huh?

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Date:2008-01-05 21:27

OK here it is.......I guess.

I realize it has been over a year since anything resembling even semi-regular type journal entries. I have downloaded a journaling program for my computer to keep a regular one and it can load up to LJ from that program. It looks pretty good in that I will be able to do all of my writing through one program and not have to juggle too many eggs at once with it. "All of my writing"! Who the hell am I kidding! I don't do shit, I just like to pretend.

So what has happened since way back when? Well I am in Charleston again and looking back I see that my last entry was right before I moved back here. Since I came back I met and married my wonderful wife and have moved to Summerville, SC. She used to have an LJ account way back in the day but not currently. Here she is on Myspace,  anticloud .  My life is about as amusing as it ever was I suppose but I will be posting very few of my random drunk posts like I had in the past.

These are my journaling baby steps.....word.............word......thoughts, mumblings and ramblings and rantings. Someday, somehow this might all make sense to someone in the future if they can read these misanthropic brain droppings..

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Date:2008-01-03 16:52

testing testes 1.....2.....3

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Date:2006-09-04 18:48

From siliconedreamer

Wow this was disturbingly accurate....even for both of my names.

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Date:2006-08-10 22:37
Subject:Keep Music Evil
Mood: optimistic

I finally got my package of stickers that I had ordered from UNAMERICAN.COM.

Good stuff...good times. Fun stickers like....Keep Music Evil, and Jesus Wasn't White, and Yoda Loves Me, and random good stuff.

Now in two weeks I get to journey again up to the North Land. I'll be up in New York for about a week and then going up to Providence, RI. Actually I'll be staying in the hostel down in Newport since it is much cheaper than any of the alternatives up in Providence. Then there is public transportation. Life with out a car really makes one appreciate things like trains and buses.
Then if all goes well I will get the train back to New Bern, NC from Providence and then rent a truck and move my stuff up to the North Land.

Yes it is time to move on again.

I've been in one place here for one year now and it is time to move on to an area that is more in line with the lifestyle of Zenkrak. Of course I would really like to go to Boston but of course can not afford such nice things but Providence is moor in line with my financial situation. That and if is an easy commuter train ride up to Boston. Also I can take the bicycle on the train with me up to Boston which I have ridden around much but not on my bike though.

New Bern, NC is more closely akin to Zenkrakistan.

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Date:2006-08-02 11:55
Subject:Evil Smiley

Evil Smiley
Originally uploaded by zenkrak.
Mom decided to knit me some pot holders for when I move next month.

Of course she had to do it in Cucina de Zenkrak style so I have the smiley with the little devil horns and a skull and crossbones one. I couldn't get a decent picture of the skull and crossbones one since it is hard to see the design.

Good for when I cook up a batch of my nearly famous evil chile!!

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Date:2006-08-02 00:10
Mood:drunkish sort of

Zenkrak lives!!!!!

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Date:2006-07-18 15:49
Subject:oh why oh why
Mood: aggravated

Oh what I wouldn't give for extra dollars and a bit of free time at the beginning of August now.

Tom Waits is touring! Just a short little run with stops in places like Ashville, NC and at the Civic in Akron, OH (what I wouldn't give for that one)!

This is just going to drive me crazy, someone on my friends here up in Akron or Cleveland better go down and see that show since he hasn't played there since the 80s and never has played on the other end of my state here in NC.

If I had enough money to rent a car it would be worth the 6 hour or so drive across the state to Ashville for this show, oh well, good shit does happen, just not much to me. Apparently his last live shows in North America in 2004 sold out in record setting times.

Oh well, I'll just go to work here and wish I was someplace different.

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Date:2006-07-05 17:20
Subject:warm and sticky and slimy and gooey
Mood: blah

Ahhhh…yes, summer in the South. Sticky and hot.

It is a good way to stretch the weather tolerances of this former Northern boy.

This week it has been in the mid 90s on average during the day, and then the relative humidity is around 90% on top of that as well. But at night the edge is taken off slightly when it gets down into the 70s and the humidity is a tad lower.

I find it amusing that I can set the thermostat for 78-80 and it still feels crisp coming in from out side in the afternoon. All of this and I am still planning on moving farther south back to Charleston.

Oh well, weather is weather. No matter what the temperature there are people dealing with worse. Hell, I have dealt with worse in both directions. It just keeps me inside in the afternoon when it is most Hades hot outside. I get out for riding the bicycle in the morning or the evening. Thank god the bar is air-conditioned!

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Date:2006-06-28 18:18
Mood: bored

Ahhhh, here we are in the land of Zenkrak. And what an uneventful place it is.

All I have to look forward to is this weekend when Katherine is coming over from Durham for the long 4th. of July Weekend. Should be entertaining since I think we have seen each other once since our relationship sort of fell apart back in 2003 (?). That is from back in the year or two before my brain scrambling car accident so that explains why I can't remember exactly which times were which.

We want to get down to Atlantic Beach and frolic in the waves and frequent the beach side bars like we did when we were dating. The only problem is that there is the tall ship festival coming through Beaufort, NC this weekend as well. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing except that the 100,000+ people expected in the Crystal Coast region will make care free frolicking and drinking not as easy as it usually is.

Oh well, I am sure that fun will be had. As long as I can say "frolicking" because it is fun. Come on say it, it tickles.

Now if we can only find amusement here in the New Bern, which is always a hit or miss. Friday night is lining up for fun since we have Dreamkiller (formerly the Arrival) coming in from Greensboro to play the little hardcore/punk, cheap beer bar around the corner here. They are the ones that came and headlined the Zenkrak birthday Fool's Fest on April 1.

Now what else is new? Oh yeah, I am working again. Only part time, but it is at Books-A-Million so I at least get a discount on my crack. I do love to work with books, but I do not care for the retail bottom end of a large company where individual employees are treated slightly less than like a number in the system. Well it is just a step back in the direction of become able to support myself again....someday. This is working out nicely though since I can get the job transfered easily to where ever there is a B.A.M.

Actually if things go as planned I will be transferring down to Charleston, SC. and thus moving back there. If all goes well I will be able to do this in September or October. I do miss Charleston and oddly enough Buzz a bit. Now I don't miss him as a roommate. This time when going mom will be helping me with rent a bit in exchange for her to have a place to visit near the beach a few times per month. No problem for me. So the best place that I have found so far is right around the corner from my old apartment, a perfect location. I am a five minute walk to the plaza that has a Publix, a great music store, and a good independent bookstore. Folly Beach is only about 8 miles away. Historic downtown Charleston is about 2.5 miles away. The B.A.M that I would work at is about 6 miles the other direction. Also Charleston has a passable public transportation system in place. Not good or ideal, just passable. But I don't really need to make use of that since I have the scooter to get me around and the bike as well. I do love having options. I can get most anywhere in Charleston by either bus, bike or scooter. It just a matter of the weather and my mood and my time constraints.

Oh all I have to do is just make it through a few more months in New Bern.

Oh yes, it will happen......unless it doesn't.

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Date:2006-06-16 14:16
Subject:La Casa de Zenkrak a la playa
Mood: bouncy

I got some pictures back here from my recent trip to the beach, Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2006-05-26 02:10
Mood: drunker than your not

Does it matter?

Yes, I have been drinking and I haven't been on here for quite awhile.

I'll figure out something to say eventually. All I can say is that I desire and want what I do not have to an almost unnatural degree.

But is it unnatural f it is right?

Why does this chicken salad taste so fucking good?

does any of this make sense?

Should any of it make sense?

I always want what I do not have and then want something else when I have what I had previously wanted. I guess that this makes me normal, or republican. I'll just ride that tangent until it causes me to go....FUCK YOU!!!.....or something like that

I just ate more chicken salad than any person should in one inebriated sitting

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Date:2006-03-25 11:58
Subject:Only in my southern town
Mood: The head hurts the Zenkrak

I just love going to a house party/jam session hosted by the open mic guy here in my small southern town. Free food, free beer, free fun. It's a good thing.

Only here can I go to a house party put on by a Canadian and party with a bunch of Bosch interns here from Germany. Also talk with a girl from back up in OH. And then to top it off I get to meet a nice pretty girl that also works at Bosch and is also my neighbor! She lives in the other half of the duplex next to ours.

you know it was an amusing party when Zenkrak is the fourth person there and the second to the last to leave. By then I was up on the mic with the acoustic guitar singing Ball and Chain by Social Distortion.

I am so glad that this was all 1/2 mile from home.

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